What I Fear

"What I fear" is a personal book about midlife changes. There are a varied collection of photos that represent Hans Roodzant and most photos taken by him which depict his long journey that started from an early age and is still continuing.

The book is dived in two parts. The first part with all the self-portraits is all about ego. The second part is realizing your ego and getting a deeper understanding about life through realizing that we are mortal and coming to grips with that is a challenge.

Each photograph that is illustrated in the book shows different moments of world history and reveals the evolution of technology throughout the decades. However, the most important fact is that these pictures have become evidence of how human life was affected by technological development and the passing of time. The book includes as well Roodzant's personal realizations.

The images that are presented in the book were kept in their actual real sizes. This was intended by the photographer in order to show how the technology of photography had changed through time; from developing to the digital platform.

The fonts that were used in the book were Gotham Bold and Gotham book to make the quotes and highlights by Hans Roodzant intense and emphatic. Working with the white space enabled the photographs to "breathe" and the use of a dynamic and bold typography spark a very strong feeling to the reader; the photographs and quotes seem to scream and jump out of the page.

In addition,  the pink on the cover was a metaphor employed by Roodzant as he did not want to show that fear is always the darkness and misery but the stages of the life that everything is temporary.

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