Metro Paris

‘Metro Paris’ is a photographic book which its pursuit is to explore in a set of candid photos people from different walks of life that converge in the Metro. The photographer, Hans Roodzant, seeks to demonstrate the shift of the mood in the carriage by the entrance and exit of passengers. Roodzant was faced with the manifold dynamics of Paris that unravel in the Metro. I wanted to emulate his work and immerse the reader in the Metro as if he was standing in the shoes of the photographer. I used a minimalistic layout which could showcase the dynamic of the photographs. I sought to make the passengers the epicentre of the pages and therefore I worked with various white space in order to give room and breathing space to the work. I was inspired by Roodzant’s work and as a result I played with the position of the images by looking at the body language of the passengers. In the design I used bold Futura and Garamond.

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