The traditional black and white film ‘Kinesis’ explores the meaning and kinetics of typography. The film is a compilation of quotes by researchers of typography, which are represented visually in an active way; which triggers the imagination of the audience to visualise the modality for movement typography.

Furthermore, the film explores the value that was given to the written text within a natural and digital environment, giving emphasis to the differences between them. Moreover, the cinematography supports the natural motion by simulating the feeling of how the eye reacts to the real world.

The background score is non-diegetic sound, which was selected intentionally to evoke the audience’s subconscious and give the illusion of the eyes gazing. The target audience of ‘Kinesis’ are academics, educators, and researchers of animation, graphic design and film. However, the film is a form of expression of how people are seeing the real world.


Creatoer, Editor &Director Maria Antoniou
Cinematographer & Sound Designer Christina Konstantinou


After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop