The core idea of our brand is that your inner being is what defines you. To reflect this, our design focuses attention on the product’s content.

‘being’ is a range of personal care products, containing vegan and acid free ingredients, suitable for all skin types. The brand is aimed at young adults, who are generally most affected by the restriction of stereotypes, and more open to change.

Our brand is inspired by the freedom of expression in performing arts. We have combined this with the authentic appearance of a dictionary.

Our design is unique because it doesn’t label its buyer. Instead, it focuses on the inner being of the product: what it is and its ingredients. Including the definition of the word ‘being’ in the design, it also brings the authentic mood of a dictionary to the product. By using transparent packaging, we again draw attention to what is inside.

The brightly coloured liquid gives the product its personality, and makes it stand out.


Ornella Rodinella
Claire Jelly
Maria Antoniou


Illustrator, Photoshop